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TALIYA Company is the first credit operator in the country which could upgrade its service network to 4.5 G LTE. The new TALIYA SIM card is based on a bed of the newest mobile technology namely +Advanced LTE whose data transferring speed is 7 times more than the third generation and 3 times more than the fourth one.    


This SIM card having a high speed internet 4.5 G LTE allows users to watch nonstop TV programs, online high quality videos and transfer bulk data as well as making video calls by applications and social networks, types of online games and many other advantages.  


If you want to upgrade your 2nd generation or old SIM card to 4.5 G LTE TALIYA SIM card, you can call TALIYA subscriber service so that it can guide you to consult TALIYA representative offices.


Now, all the urban areas and the most rural regions and the roads of Iran are under the TALIYA network coverage and dear subscribers can experience delightful times by using high speed internet of TALIYA USIM SIM cards.

Please click this link if you want to get more information about USIM SIM cards.  

Activating 4.5 G internet

It’s necessary for you to have a mobile supporting the fourth generation facilities as well as locating in the network coverage of TALIYA and then doing necessary settings according to the stages as follows in order to use TALIYA 4.5 G LTE.

Contact With Taliya

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public relations: info@taliya.ir

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