organizational sim card

Organizational-internal SIM card

     TALIYA, as the first operator for presenting organizational-internal mobiles in Iran, has the ability to meet other organizations and companies’ needs by suggesting dedicated network and connecting it to the landline internal network as integrated and centralized system. Organizational-internal mobile is one of the most important suggested services by TALIYA which is an effective strategy across the management, continuity and organizing the organization communications much better than before.      



Some of its facilities and advantages include:


  • Reducing the charges of organizational contacts

     One of the most important features of the organizational-internal mobile is to reduce the organization charges remarkably “at least 60%”, especially for those companies or organizations which have many workforces.

  • Permanently access to the employees

     This capability allows the organization to connect with its employees without any time limitations. Optimal call and charge management is one of the service features, possibility to determine the limitation amount for any SIM card contact separately for all the network members in order to manage the organization charges. 


  • Specifying the geographic area

This service can specify the geographic area in terms of the organization needs for managing the charges.

  • Fast connecting by using the capability of dedicating short numbers

     Of the other network features is to dedicate a short number (like internal number) to any employee. Hence, other employees can connect him/ her by using that short number instead of calling by their mobiles.


Technical requirements of organizational-internal mobile

  • Central phone having the supportive capability of protocol will be installed for the organization of protocol converter.
  • Use of TALIYA SIM card

Some organizational-internal customers

organizational internal sim

Organizational-group SIM card

     It includes a set of TALIYA SIM cards which has been introduced as a group and will provide more services for the group members than the common SIM cards. One of the most important features of the group mobile is to establish internal group connection with a fixed subscription used by groups and small companies with the capability of transmissibility in the whole network.

The organizational group mobile will reduce “at least 30%” in your connection charges.    

Some organizational-group customers:

corporate group sim

Registration and receiving the facilities of organizational SIM card

For more information, contact us at 999 freely by TALIYA lines and at 09329990000 through other lines or by our Email.

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