Contact with Taliya subscriber services

We decided to use an economical and fast strategy for solving the problems quickly and effectively.

    We investigate, classify and expertise your contacts separately in “subscribers’ section” because listening to subscribers’ words is the most consequential way for improving our services permanently. We are sincerely eager to answer your questions or listen your reports and ideas. Contact with TALIYA subscriber services through TALIYA lines freely at 999 and other lines at 09329990000.

Response hours by our colleagues in TALIYA contact center is round the clock and every day.

Work days: from Saturday to Wednesday 8:00 a.m. till 16:45 p.m. and Thursday 8:00 a.m. till 12:00.

Central office address: postal code: 1514814111, block No.18, 16th St, Ahmad Ghasir St, Tehran.

You can contact with different parts of TALIYA Co. through E-mails as follows:

Public relations: info@TALIYA.ir 

Subscribers’ services: cc@TALIYA.ir 

Sales function: sales@TALIYA.ir

Contact With Taliya

Postal Code: 1514814111, Building No. 18, Sixteenth street, Bucharest Avenue (Ahmad Qusayr), Argentin Square, Tehran

Phone: 999 (Taliya lines)

09329990000 (Other lines)


public relations: info@taliya.ir

Affairs affairs: cc@taliya.ir

Sale: sales@taliya.ir

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