تالیا - value-added service (VAS) in the field of telecommunications

value-added service (VAS) in the field of telecommunications

Many mobile subscribers encounter a value added service after they receive their mobile bills, but in reality they do not know what they pay for what they pay for.

Value Added Services (VRS), which is referred to as VAS, is one of the most recent parameters of the telecommunications industry. Value-added services include sub-services with tariffs from standard services such as conversation and SMS. The International Telecommunication Union defines value added services as services that accompany or in addition to basic telecommunication services such as voice, SMS, multimedia messaging and data access to subscribers. In the telecommunications industry, value-added services encourage users to further utilize their value through value creation and attractive services. Value-added services for mobile phone users are profitable, mobile operators also generate revenue and have the power and potential to create business in all areas. In the provision of mobile value-added services, three SMS, contact and data tools are used. These services can be performed by the operators themselves or by third-party partners known as Content Providers. It can be said simply that the value-added service is a service provided on a cellular platform, and it costs users to receive this service.

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